Our Cookie Policy Guidelines on how this website uses cookies for navigation

"The Rules for the use of cookies have changed for European websites..."

The new Regulations on cookies (enforceable from May 2012 across Europe) state that website operators must gain visitor's consent. We wanted to help explain what they are, the different types, why we use them and how they affect your visit to our site.

From 25th May 2012, there will be a clear message on each page of our website regarding cookies and your options.

Please note that if you do wish cookies not to be used then your smooth browsing experience may be affected; not only on our site but on the majority of websites that rely on them to enhance their users visit (including online ordering).

What is a cookie?

A cookie is simply a short piece of information which a website saves to your browser; primarily used on our site to identify your present visit or 'session' as an aid to navigation. Then, depending on your settings, this is either stored within the browser's cache or, if this is a return visit, the browser recognises the saved cookie (and only the cookie saved by our site) and sends its contents back to the webserver. A cookie cannot tell us your email address or any other personal information! If you choose to create an account with us at a later date, no personal information you provide will be saved in this way; we use secured logins to protect your privacy.

A cookie will typically contain such information as the site's domain details, randomly generated number/s used as unique identifier's and an expiry date.

There are 3 types of cookies used on this website:

  • Session - allowing us to 'remember' content from page to page (these are 'forgotten' when you close your browser).
  • Persistent - which define "Time To Live" and help us to determine your preferences (these will also expire after a pre-determined period).
  • Third Party - these are cookies from any other domain, i.e. Google Analytics, to help us provide a better service.

What will a cookie do for me?

Browsers are 'stateless' or in other words they were never designed to provide online applications (such as shopping carts) to users, they 'forget' everything when you move to a new page! Developers have utilized short cookies to maintain the smooth running of their services for many years; for example we use them to keep track of items within your shopping basket, to enable presentation of relevant content and to 'remember' your selected preferences for your next visit. It's also important to know that each website utilises unique cookies, which means that they are inaccessible by any other site!

Why does BPS use cookies?

We want to provide the best customer experience we can and here's an example of how cookies allow this to happen:

  • Shopping Experience - to remember the items that you have added to your basket to make the checkout process easier when you return back to the website.
  • Content - show you relevant content such as product recommends depending on your browser and buyer behaviour.
  • User Behaviour - coremetrics analytics to track website visits and clicks for pages visited with hourly transaction volume. This allows us to see how our customers like to use our website and which pages or functions they prefer; this allows us to continually improve our service.
  • Third Party - selected partner cookies which track where the users' visit originated from. This allows us to see where your visit originated from, especially advertising on partner sites, present appropriate offers and helps prevent fraud and detect spammers.

Why do I need to know this?

At BPS we respect our customer's concerns and want you to know why we feel cookie use on our site is so important plus why we ask you to accept them.

We want to emphasize that accepting cookies does not give us access to your computer or personal information!

What is a Web Beacon?

Some third parties deploy a tiny graphical image called a 'Web Beacon' (or 'tracked pixel', 'action tag') to act as a unique identifier; this is normally invisible to you on the page. We do not employ beacons.

Will this policy change?

As our business evolves our policies change to reflect this; you should refer to our website regularly for updates. Unless stated otherwise our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy apply to all the information our site collects. We will never materially change our policies and practices to make them less protective of user information collected in the past without the consent of affected users.

Turning off / disallowing / disabling or deleting cookies in your browser:

To find out more information on how we protect your privacy please view our Privacy Policy.