Clinical Trials & Patient Recruitment document translation services

BPS are pleased to be able to offer a comprehensive translation and dialect localisation service for Patient Recruitment and Clinical Trials documentation.

For a no obligation quotation, please send an email with the files, language combination and the service you require (we are happy to sign any CDA's as required).

The main areas we cover are listed below:


A comprehensive range of both European and Asian languages - please contact us for more details regarding your particular requirements.

Quality Assurance

Stringent control processes ensure our professional translators adhere to ISO 9001:2008, producing copy of the highest consistent quality. They, in turn, are overseen by a team of highly experienced Project Managers all of whom are qualified professional linguists, many also practising translators in their own right.

Before commencing any project the requirements are thoroughly examined by all parties, once understood and clarified our translators are provided with the complete details they will need to accurately convey the intention of the author. Each project is quality checked at all stages of the translation cycle, any queries that may arise either concerning the instructions provided or to specific areas of copy, will always be discussed directly with our clients for interpretation.

The translation team has been independently certified to BS EN 15038:2006, the European standard for the provision of quality services by translation service providers.

Artworking and Layout

We can utilise your artwork files, after the initial design work, to insert the translated copy directly. These will then be checked by our target language translators to ensure that the resultant documents meet prescribed requirements.

This service is particularly effective for non-Latin alphabets, such as Arabic, Russian, Bulgarian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hindi, Urdu and Bengali, etc. Even though a designer can be highly skilled in their field, their knowledge won’t normally cover multiple-languages and the idiosyncrasies concerning copy placement.


In this context, localisation refers to the translation between variants of a language, i.e. US English to UK English, as well as addressing the differences in grammatical and typographical standards. The localisation process can also include cultural sensitivities, currencies/dates/addresses and telephone numbers. Standard forms or idiomatic expressions are also allowed for.

This service is often used to ensure written copy, and associated graphical elements, are completely focused towards the target audience whilst eliminating the potentially harmful effects of ambiguity.

The level of localisation is reflected in each project's specific requirements. From the adaptation of grammar and spelling, to the complexities of replacing country-specific terminology with local equivalents.

Standardising Terminology

Our preferred method of working is from a supplied glossary of approved terms/phrases; this ensures copy is translated consistently throughout the
lifetime of a study.

Alternatively, we can take advantage of completed translations to create what is termed as a 'translation memory'. This 'memory' can then be used for subsequent projects, reducing the laborious and time-consuming tasks inherent when cross-referencing multiple sources; improving overall efficiency and streamlining the entire translation process.

These options are charged as additional operations but the investment is reflected in the overall time savings and translation uniformity. If you would like to discuss terminology management in more detail, please use our simple contact form and one of experts will be made available.

Preferred File Formats

Generally speaking, Microsoft Office files are the most convenient to work with for most parties, however we can also work use Adobe InDesign CS3 to CS5 (INX/IDML files), Adobe FrameMaker 8 and 9 (FM, MIF), character-delimited text files (TXT, CSV), HMTL, XLIFF and PDF. Or, if these are not available, directly from printed copy.

If your preferred format is not shown above, then please contact us with the details and we will do our very best to meet your requirements. Certain formats will be subject to a surcharge to cover the extra time needed to prepare the files for translation and very complex projects may require the services of a specialised manager.

Call us on 01252 755433 or use our simple contact form to discuss your requirements.