PILs - 'Patient Information Leaflets'
IFUs - 'Instructions For Use' sheets Specialist small format packaging print and folding.

The Patient Information Leaflet (PIL) or Instructions For Use (IFU) sheet must be included with every over‑the‑counter & prescribed medication. This legally required document (since 1999 in the UK) provides the patient with the essential details of the drug's intended purpose, dosage, possible side‑effects and the licence holder's and/or the manufacturer's contact information.

Due to their nature, PILs/IFUs can contain a substantial amount of detail in the primary and sub language/s, necessitating a large sheet size to accommodate everything required. This presents further challenges where the leaflet must not only be made to fit within the outer packaging effectively but also adhere to stringent legislation covering content and legibility.

Ideally, the design of the leaflet will complement the product branding whether printed in full colour or black only. This presents the end user with easily recognisable reference instructions without possible confusion with other products. Translations should also be consistent with the style of the main copy.

Using precision folding techniques (as small as 30mm x 30mm) and low grammage paper stocks (from 50gsm upwards) we design/produce printed PILs to suit your branding and packing line's unique requirements; including flat sheets, miniature folded formats or reels.

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