Miniature folded leaflets Ideal for use as Information For Use (IFU) leaflets

Custom designed and finished

Commonly found in pharmaceutical packs, these space saving marvels are custom designed for each application and ideally suited for multi-lingual instructional inserts.

Not every printer can produce miniature folded leaflets. Using precision folding techniques we can fold lightweight paper down to as small as 30mm x 30mm - which can be perfect when you have a lot of information you need to share and not enough space for a large leaflet.

You've probably seen these leaflets every time you open a pack of headache tablets - it's the information sheet which fits into the pack, in fact a number of our clients use this technology to create the information sheets for a range of different medications.

We can use your own artwork or we can take the information and your logo and create the artwork for you. Miniature folded leaflets can be a printed in black or full colour, we can also arrange for translations and create artwork which copies your existing house style.

We've illustrated some of the more popular layout configurations for these leaflets, but the options are almost endless, so if you think miniature folded leaflets might be perfect for your business give us a call or email and we can start the conversation today.

Call us on 01252 755433 or use our simple contact form to discuss your requirements.

4pg fold
8pg right-angle or french fold
6pg concertina fold
8pg concertina fold
10pg concertina letter fold
12pg concertina fold
20pg concertina fold
6pg gate fold
8pg double gate fold
8pg double parallel fold
6pg standard or roll fold
8pg parallel roll fold
8pg reverse map fold
12pg standard letter fold