Artwork Already use a Designer? Our studio can take your artwork and ensure it is print-ready and make amendments, in certain cases, if required.

Artworking, creative and a science

To get the best print results all aspects of a piece of artwork have to be carefully constructed, from the copy & colours to the graphical elements.

Nowadays the majority of artwork is supplied digitally as Adobe PDF files. Our team checks all the artwork that comes into the Studio to make sure that it meets the minimum requirements for a successful print, which can help avoid annoying mistakes or at worst costly reprints.

Once your artwork file has been processed we'll send you a proof to check and sign-off before your project is printed. We can also use an existing design to replicate additional artwork, or convert supplied files - one example is a client of ours whose designers are based in the US and create artwork to American standard sizes - which can differ dramatically from the European standard 'A' sizes. We take their original artwork and resize/pad-out or reposition the content before printing to make everything look as if it was always designed in that format.

If you are supplying your own artwork we've created a handy guide - forwarding this information to your designers at the start of the project can save you time and money when your file is sent to print.

So whether you're supplying artwork or asking us to create, replicate or convert artwork then give us a call or email and we can start the conversation today.

Call us on 01252 755433 or use our simple contact form to discuss your requirements.