Graphic Design Our experienced team can add 'that special something' to your printed items to make you stand out from the crowd.

Adding the icing to the cake

Producing artwork in-house can seem the best way to go, but for that special event, brand promotion or just everyday stationery, calling in the professionals will ensure a sleek, efficient design to convey your important message.

You want your businesses to stand-out from the crowd - at BPS we have a team of expert graphic designers who specialise in doing just that. Every day they work with clients to create everything from the genesis of a new logo, through to a fully functioning website with just about every printed product you can imagine in between.

If you're not sure just what you need to make your business shine that's OK - we will take you through all the options. If you have an existing brand we can work with that and our designers aren't precious, they'll implement your house-style faithfully and create designs that make your business look professional and credible.

Whether you're supplying a rough brief or pdf files to work from we'll meet your schedules - in fact choosing to use our designers and place your printing with us can make the whole process much smoother and often much more cost-effective.

One of our clients contacted our studio because their usual designer was busy and they urgently needed a brochure to publicise a conference. We were able to work with their 'house style' to create some initial designs. Once one of these had been chosen our studio recommended the best paper stock and finishing effects to make the brochure really eye-catching. Less than two weeks after first contacting us they had the printed brochure ready for distribution.

If you are looking for designers who can make your business shine, with the minimum fuss and no nonsense, then give us a call or email and we can start the conversation today.

Call us on 01252 755433 or use our simple contact form to discuss your requirements.