Bespoke printed packaging to your design

How to improve your brands image.

Traditionally it's only been cost-effective to create large batches of printed packaging, but our investment in the latest digital printing technology means that we can now produce small batches of bespoke product packs at a very reasonable cost.

This means it's easy to customise your existing packaging for a specific market or a special promotion. One example of this was when one of our clients was planning the media launch of their flagship product. We liaised directly with their London-based advertising agency and produced a range of different packs for the launch and delivered them to different locations to a very exacting promotion schedule.

The product, which was a bespoke Counter Display Unit (CDU), was designed to be displayed in-store and the launch pack also included laminated 'easy-use' guide cards, leaflets offering staff training and other leaflets detailing customer offers. Because of the complexity of the display stand our clients asked us to create a special CDU construction guide so once it arrived in stores it could be easily and correctly assembled to get the maximum value from the packaging design and ultimately the product launch.

That was an example of a really complicated packaging project, but at the other end of the scale we can produce bespoke corrugated cardboard boxes - for internal or external packaging. Because our packaging is bespoke and not 'off the shelf' you enhance your campaign or promotion by printing information on your external packaging too.

If you're thinking that bespoke packaging - from simple boxes to product launches - could revolutionise the way you do business give us a call or email and we can start the conversation today.

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