Translations We provide a comprehensive service using only accredited experts.

Reliable & accurate translations

BPS are pleased to be able to offer a comprehensive translation and dialect localisation service covering both European and Asian languages.

At BPS we work with a team of expert translators and project managers (who are all qualified professional linguists themselves) who ensure that every translation they produce for our clients adheres to the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

We can translate your copy into a range of European and Asian languages and we have a secure server - so even commercially sensitive information can be entrusted to us. Our translation project managers will work directly with you to fully understand your project and ensure that the translators have all the information they need to accurately convey the intention of the author in the translation.

We build lots of check and proof stages into the process and any queries or questions will be referred straight back to you by the project managers. Our translation team has been independently certified to BS EN 15038:2006, the European standard for the provision of quality services by translation service providers.

We can supply the translation for your own designers or take your existing artwork and insert the completed translation directly in your document. The revised artwork is checked by our target language translators to ensure that the final files fit your project brief perfectly. Our artwork service can be particularly effective for non-latin alphabets - where your designer may struggle with copy placement.

As well as translation we also offer localisation - the process of translation between variants of a language, converting US English to UK English for instance, and checking for the differences in grammatical and typographical standards. The process of localisation can also avoid issues which may arise around cultural sensitivities and idiomatic expressions. Our localisation services can be invaluable for ensuring that the copy you use is engaging and relevant for your target audience.

If your business uses very specific terminology or approved phrases we can also check to ensure that these have been appropriately applied in your translation. We can build on this to create a 'translation memory' which can be used to streamline the translation of subsequent documents.

We can work with files from a range of sources or formats and even direct from printed copy - each translation project is unique, but if it's something that your business needs then give us a call or email and we can start the conversation today.

Call us on 01252 755433 or use our simple contact form to discuss your requirements.